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Il gruppo Aikido No Musubi è costituito per perseguire interessi collettivi attraverso lo svolgimento continuato di promozione sociale, finalizzato alla diffusione della pratica sportiva tesa al miglioramento degli stili di vita, della condizione fisica e psichica nonché delle relazioni sociali.

Aikido No Musubi diffonde l’Aikido grazie al contributo di anni di esperienza delle sue cinture nere.

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Finalmente! Prima lezione sul tatami dopo TROPPO tempo! 

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Che bello rivedere tutti sul tatami ci vediamo presto grandi 🎉👍

Enhorabuena 🎉 a seguir con el trabajo y la práctica de este bello arte, un fuerte abrazo

Grandissimi ragazzi!!! 💪

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本日、2021年8月15日午後3時より岩間神信合気修練会本部(鍛錬館)にて齋藤守弘師範顕彰碑除幕式が行われました。除幕式は国内外にオンライン配信され、多くの門弟や寄付をしてくださった方々がzoomでも参加してくださいました。 この企画には国内外の門弟、齋藤守弘先生や齋藤家にゆかりのある多くの方々が流派を超えてサポートしてくださった事により実現いたしました。 皆様のご支援に心より感謝いたします。 



Biographical lifetime of Morihiro Saito sensei

齊藤守弘師範 本名 齋藤森造  一九二八年(昭和三年)三月三十一日生
Morihiro Saito Shihan, birth name Morizou Saito, was born on March 31, 1928 (3d year of the Showa period). He received the name of Morihiro from the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba.

たどり着いた境涯は「和と流れ」。世界中に優れた合気道家を輩出し、没後二〇年を経ようとして、未だに慕われている稀代の武道家。Entrusted by the Founder to preserve the Aikido techniques, he would carry his role with utmost dedication throughout all his life. Through his path in life, he reached the path of “flow and Harmony”. A remarkable martial artist loved and respected by many. Even more than 20 years after his death, his legacy has been the seed of growth for outstanding Aikido practitioners worldwide.

一九四六年(昭和二十一年)七月 岩間の合気修練道場に入門
1946 July (Showa 21) ​​​Started training at the Iwama's Aiki Shuren Dojo

一九五一年(昭和二十六年)一月 合気会本部道場師範となる。
1951 January (Showa 26) ​​Became a Shihan at the Aikikai Headquarters Dojo.

1969 April 26 (Showa 44) ​​Passing away of the founder. Morihiro Saito sensei became the director of the Ibaraki Dojo.

一九七五年(昭和五〇年) カリフォルニアにて初めての海外講習会を開催
1975 (Showa 50) ​​​Held his first overseas seminar in California

一九八三年(昭和五三年) 日本武道協議会より「武道功労賞」を授賞
1983 (Showa 53) ​​​Received the "Martial Arts Achievement Award" from the Japan Martial Arts Council

一九九二年(平成四年)  合気会九段となる
1992 (Heisei 4) ​​​Achieved the Aikikai 9th Dan

二〇〇一年(平成十三年) 合氣神社を修復する
2001 (Heisei 13) ​​​Restoration of the Aiki Shrine

二〇〇二年(平成十四年) 五月十三日 永眠
2002 (Heisei 14) ​​​He peacefully passed away on May 13th.

Morihiro Saito sensei stayed close to the founder Morihei Ueshiba, who taught him for 23 years. During that time, with his wife Sata san, he restlessly took care of Morihei Ueshiba and his wife, Hatsu. Morihiro Saito would always stay close to the founder to care for the housework and rice fields, even after most students went away to avoid such demanding work.

After the founder passed away, he became the first person in charge of the Ibaraki dojo. To help students better understand the weapon techniques, he organized and categorized hundreds of weapon and taijutsu techniques. He put all his passion into passing down everything learned from the Founder (Kaiso Jikiden).

He was one of the few students to receive weapon training from the founder and the only instructor to teach them at Aikikai Headquarters Dojo.

Morihiro Saito sensei also devised the method to study the seven suburi movements, thirty-one jo kata, 13 jo kata, 20 jo movements. This study system also included the awase, kumitachi and parrying weapon movements.

He would also serve as a high councillor of the Aikikai Foundation and contribute to the promotion of Aikido.

In 1975, in California, USA, he held the first overseas seminar. After receiving a remarkable positive reception, overseas seminars were held every year. Subsequently, the Iwama dojo became a mecca for foreign Aikido artists; this particular training school would later become known as “Iwama Style”

He would continue his role as the guardian of the Aiki Shrine throughout his life. In 2000, a video production named “Iwama Aikido” was produced to cover the costs to restore the Aiki Shrine. This video was highly praised by international martial arts practitioners worldwide.

This current land, where the Tanren-kan was built, was initially owned by the Ueshiba family and later handed over by second-generation Aikikai Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru.
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